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Our Programs

Independent Living Skills &

Supported Living Skills

Learning to be self-sufficient in today's society is essential for living independently. However, the barriers can be overwhelming, particularly for those with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of On My Own is to break down those barriers, create opportunities, and promote change. Our Independent Living Skills (ILS) and Supportive Living Skills (SLS) training programs assist individuals by providing them the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their own lives. With the support of our qualified ILS/SLS staff, individuals will learn strategies to achieve their highest level of independence whether one chooses to remain at home with family or live on their own.  

Services Provided​

  • Banking, money management, bill paying

  • Home search and furnishing support

  • Traveling and using public transportation

  • Communication and social skills

  • Self-care, sex education, medical appointment support

  • Self-advocacy, problem-solving, support groups

  • Increasing access to support and resources

  • Networking and finding social and recreational opportunities

  • House cleaning skills and laundry support

  • Hygiene, dressing tips, and etiquette

  • Employment, computer training, and goal setting

  • Functional reading & math skills, adult education

  • Food banks, shopping, meal planning, nutrition

  • Pedestrian skills and personal safety

  • Legal and court support, IHSS referral support

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